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Computer Desk Syndrome

Poor and static posture resulting from working long hours at a desk without periodic rests can impose a huge amount of unnecessary stress onto the spine. If you use a computer or talk on the phone during most of your work, chances are high for chronic postural strain of your neck and upper back. For every inch your head comes forward from its normal position, your neck is subject to an additional 10 pounds of pressure.

Poor ergonomics, stress, reduced physical activities, or even poor nutrition can cause your body to go into a chronic "stress" mode. This can affect your overall health with mild symptoms like burning and tight upper back across your shoulders and lower neck; very often, patients develop pain that travels up into their skull and results in headaches. In more severe cases, some experience pins and needles or weakness in their upper extremities due to impingement and irritation of the peripheral nerves.

Chiropractors help with your posture assessment, regain flexibility of your spine, and address muscular imbalances due to poor work habits to prevent recurrence of your symptoms.

Work Injuries

One of the most common injuries at workplace is low back pain, often resulting from improper lifting techniques. Injuires also sterm from weak core musculature, poor lumbar spine positions, and muscular imbalances, and can lead to muscular sprains and strains of the spinal ligaments, misalignment of your spine, nerve irritations or in severe cases, disc bulge or herniations.

Talk to our chiropractor to assess your core strength and review proper lifting techniques. If you are injured at work, talk to your employer immediately and get examined by your chiropractor.